The German brand Baldessarini produces menswear that mixes self esteem, sense of style and authenticity.

Men who wear Baldessarini have confidence in life and appreciate the quality of contemporary style.

The brand, part of the Marzotto group, brings together seemingly different styles, winking at a cheerful, adventurous, surprising and relaxed mood.

Baldessarini mixes classic wardrobe with streetwear and sportswear, with a touch of lightness and versatility.

The timeless result is perfect for any occasion, free from fashion trends.

Werner Baldessarini founded the company in 1993 and today the brand is synonymous with originality, quality, sophistication and style.

All Baldessarini collections, in fact, win over with an elegant heritage, and they are dedicated to gentlemen, dandy and cowboys.

Jackets, coats, shirts, as well as denim, leather jackets, sweaters, belts, scarves, perfumes and briefcases, are part of the Baldessarini range proposals, a leader in high-class clothing and accessories.

Soft and earthy shades are perfect for the business person who wants to dress a casual-chic look.

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Boutiques Baldessarini

Spiga da oltre 35 anni seleziona i migliori marchi d'abbigliamento e accessori per donna.  
Sportiv Kampmann
Sportiv Kampmann
Since the 70’s Sportiv Kampmann has been offering chic sportswear for men.  Located at 25 Sofienstrasse  in Heidelberg, the store proposes collections of well-known brands such as Etro, Jacob Cohen, Polo Ralph Lauren and Santoni.